Well to be honest things haven’t quite gone as planned with this blog. Not sure what I expected, as it is the first one I have ever made. But we adapt and improvise. It appears that I have no way of monetizing the site because in hindsight word press was a terrible decision. So I’m going to have to run this bitch solely on the belief that my content is worth paying for. All I can ask of you is to donate to keep my little pet project going.

Send donations here

Or I can offer those among you who are active boxers/MMA/ Muay Thai/Kickboxers  an opportunity to have me study you or your opponents personally.  I can help with your film studies to break down your opponents (or your own) bad habits to get a competatave edge when you step into the ring or cage.  Prices will vary largely on how much film I have to watch and how much I have to write about it.


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