Hi, guys let me just tell you a little about myself and how I ended up here writing about the science, skills and techniques of fighting. It all started as a very young kid, I was probably six or seven and spent my summers at my grandparents house. My grandfather was (and thankfully still is) an avid boxing fan. He saw every fight Muhammad Ali ever had from winning his gold medal in 1960 all the way up to his depressing down fall at the hands of Larry Holmes.

We would sit on the couch every Saturday night and watch what ever fight HBO or Showtime happened to be showing that night but my bed time was 9 o’ clock so I would catch the undercards but I would have to go to bed before the big fights started. My grandfather took his fights very seriously and looking back I understand why he sent me to bed. Until one magical night when 2 of my favorite fighters climbed into the ring together. I begged and pleaded and generally made myself a huge pain in the ass. He let me stay up to watch Evander Holyfield fight Mike Tyson. The second fight. I was hooked even before Tyson lost his mind and Holyfield lost his ear. They were ferocious, brutal, angry men, but something more was going on here. Tyson’s bobbing and slipping Holyfield’s body work and toughness. I was hooked.

Life got in the way a bit as I went through high school, I grew up to be a huge kid. 6’4″ 230lbs. I never really liked any other sports despite the fact I played most of them at one point or another I preferred chess and strategy games. I always noticed something though whenever things got really bad on a basketball court or football field a fight would break out. I never really understood why.

Cut to me senior year In high school at home sick with the flu. Watching “The Price is Right” (as is tradition for sick high schoolers) my dad had watched a Red sox game on NESN the night before, I rolled over to throw up in a bucket by the couch and hit the recall button on the remote. Something magical appeared on the TV. Two men in tiny gloves seemed like they were going to box. But this wasn’t boxing. The shorter guy grabbed a hold of the taller one and slammed him with all he had and proceeded to try and beat his head in to the mat. I could believe what I was seeing, thought it was some kind of ECW style pro wrestling. The taller guy got up and starting punching the now arm weary shorter man, blood leaking down his ripped up eyebrow onto his body, the mat, the other guy, everywhere. The other guy tried to take him back down and the two wound up entangled like a human pretzel and the ref stood them up. The fight was over. That fight was Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi.

I couldn’t figure out what the hell happened. It bugged me for months before I finally found an MMA gym.

That fight, that single fight, is why I am here today.