Marvin Hagler

The Opponent

Alan Minter (white guy) is the current middleweight champion going into this fight. He is coming off a TKO victory over the relentless pressure fighter Vito Antuofermo to claim the title. He is a lanky southpaw who likes to maintain his diance and fight on the outside.

“Marvelous” Marvin Hagler

Hagler was a true “fighters” fighter. He was more than content to exchange in the pocket. He is one of the few fighters with the ability to effectively switch stance and work well out of both. He fights out of Brockton, Massachusetts. As a Massachusetts boy myself I can tell you the debate still rages between him and Rocky Marciano (the only heavyweight camp to retire undefeated) as to who is the best ever to come out of our neck of the woods. He has tremendous head movement (as you can already tell from the first 2 gifs) and was gifted with one of the best chins in the history of the sport. Here we see Minter step in with a jab from a bit too far away to land and takes a hard left hand/right hook counter for his trouble. Minter came to fight though and steps in with a left hand/right hook of his own of his own.

The tale of two southpaws

Both of these guys are fighting out of the southpaw stance making what is called a closed guard fight, meaning they both have the same foot forward (the right) so the distance they fight at is much closer than a lefty would usually see. This means the jab and lead hook open up more than usual for a southpaw but the left hand is harder to land with due to the lead hand and shoulder being in the way of the punch. Both guys start off quickly here using their jabs to establish their distance. Hagler slips Minter’s first jab and lands his own and circles away from Minter’s lead hook before Minter backs off. Hagler close and throws a 1-2 before ducking Minter’s counter jab. Minter steps in with a 1-2-1 (jab-straight-jab) and connects with the final jab. He drops his left hand to throw an uppercut but eats a stiff jab in return from Hagler.

Underrated Defense

Minter comes in with a 5 punch combination, using a double jab to close the distance before throwing the left hand/lead uppercut/left hand. Hagler steps back and puts a stop to his forward motion with a high/low double jab. Hagler then slips Minter’s jab to land a beautiful 1-2. He slips another jab and cracks Minter with a left hook, he tries to throw a follow up right hook but Minter beats him to the punch with a straight left. The simple fact is Minter can’t jab with Hagler because of his excellent defense, and if a taller fighter can’t use his jab to keep distance he is going to take a pasting. Even worse when your jab is getting consistently countered by harder punches. Every Gif so far has had at least one instance of Hagler countering Minter’s jab.

Out Jabbing the taller guy

Minter throws a jab and Hagler uses the catch and pitch method, parrying the jab with the rear hand and launching his own jab at the same time falling just short with his counter. Minter jabs again and again Hagler parries with the rear hand but steps in with a double jab allowing him to close the distance on the taller man and snaps his head back with the second punch. Minter really didn’t defend any of Hagler’s punches as he believed he was out of range, no parry, no head movement and only took a tiny step back hoping it would be enough. But the beautiful part of the double jab Hagler uses is even if the first falls short it acts as a blinder, limiting his opponents vision. Minter never saw the step in Hagler took and ate a jab because of it.

Minter gets hesitant, Hagler gets tricky

You can almost see Minter dreading the moment when he has to jab. Hagler throws a double jab that misses and Minter moves to his right and jabs a bit. Hagler closes the distance just a bit causing Minter to try and fire a double jab at Hagler, but Hagler takes an angle and launches his own double jab to the body. Minter turns to face Hagler and fires another jab that gets brutally countered by a left hand over the top of it. By throwing the jabs to the body he gave Minter the impression he would continue the tactic and Minter gets suprised by the left to the head. Also I have to say Minter showed almost no defense in this fight. Rarely blocked and almost never moved his head.

When Keepin’ it real goes wrong.

Minter is circling and throws a jab that Hagler slips, he jabs again and Hagler grazes him with the left hand before smashing him with the right hook. Minter gets angry and charges at Hagler but ends up putting his face through a blender of Hagler’s shorter tighter hooks. You can’t get angry in the ring. An angry man is a careless man and a careless will do things that are not conducive to success. Like charging straight at a faster opponent with an his chin in the air. Hypothetically speaking, of course. That said he was having zero success with his game plan of jabbing and moving, why not swing for the fences?

The skipping right hook and more great defense

Minter throws another jab that Hagler slips and cracks him with a left hand counter before taking a long lunging step across Minter’s body while pivoting his hips to land a tight powerful right hook. By taking that long step he squares Minter up momentarily, totally exposing his center line (from forehead to groin). Minter has nothing to defend this punch with. Hagler ends up in a right handed stance momentarily before stepping back to southpaw. Minter tries to flurry but all his punches land on the gloves, the forearms or air.

Minter makes a fight of it

Here Minter shows some good defense ducking the left hand following Hagler’s jab. Minter starts following up his jab with a left hand of his own and catches Hagles clean with a couple of them. Hagler is backing up before Minter flurries starting with a 1-2 that again Hagler takes, Minter continues his attack with a right hook/left hand and Hagler reels back into the corner where Minter uses his right hand to grab Hagler by the head and pull him down into a series of uppercuts. This is technically illegal. I’m not quite sure why though, most referees will let it slide unless you do it repeatedly. It’s probably the best way to go about landing an uppercut.

Minter’s broken nose

You see Minter wiggling his nose around with his left hand? Sure fire sign of a break. The only people who do that are either inexperienced or in pretty intense pain. It’s probably the most common injury you will see in a fight aside from broken hands and it has a huge effect on the guy sustaining it. Blood from the Nasal cavity will start to seep down the throat of the fighter making it difficult to breath. Also the eyes will involentarily tear up effecting your vision. Minter starts trying to clinch Hagler but Hagler continues to pummel him with short uppercuts from the inside. When Minter pushes him away Hagler leaps in with a hard right hook.

The beginning of the end

Hagler leaps in with another right hook and opens up a nasty gash over Minter’s left eye. Getting blood in your eyes burns like hell and is pretty much instant blindness until your corner can clean them out and stop the bleeding with coagulants.

Hagler’s Ferocity, Minter’s toughness

Minter knows his time is short now so he comes in swinging for the fences with hooks, but Hagler catches him coming in with a hard 1-2 combo. Minter tries to wiggle his nose again and Hagler knocks out his mouth guard with a right hook. Another hard hook lands and Minter grimaces in pain, Hagler lands a left hook/right uppercut but Minter refuses to go down despite the tremendous pain he is in. Minter is a very, very tough guy.

After the last Gif the referee calls in the ring doctor to look at Minter’s cut. It’s deemed to severe and it is obstructing his vision so the fight is mercifully stopped and “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler becomes the new middleweight champion of the world. Unfortunately the classless fans in attendance began to throw beer and other trash into the ring denying Hagler his first true taste of glory and he had to be rushed from the ring with a police escort as the London fans began to riot. He returned home to Brockton with out the championship belt he had rightfully won as the riot forced ring officials to cancel the presentation.


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