Breaking down Manny Pacquaio

The opponent

This pasty bastard is Ricky Hatton. A tough hard nosed inside fighter who looks to cut off the ring grab hold of his opponent and go to work from there with his very nasty left hook to the body. He does very well in the opening seconds of the fight doing just that. This is what Hatton wants to happen. SO how does Pacquiao discourage this? Two words.

Right hooks

Pacquaio knows that Hatton is going to be relentless in trying to close the distance. There are two schools of thought in keeping distance on a short armed pressure fighters, you can either use the jab and footwork to maintain it which over a long fight can be quite tiring and labor intensive (also quite boring for you non-purist fans) but Pac decides instead go with plan B. Throw a powerful right hook before ducking low into the clinch. Notice how he moving into Hatton’s right hand? It’s generally considered bad for lefties to do this as it lines their head up with the righties power hand. But for his own right hook it means he can land the hook inside or outside the jab.

Lateral movement

Hatton has another moment of success getting Pac to the ropes and throwing punches before clinching, but the moment he lets go of the clinch Pac smartly circles out to his right and limits Hatton’s offence from there. By getting out into the middle of the ring he undoes all the hard work Hatton did to get him to the ropes and the chase is back on.

The beginning of the end

After a minute or so of jabbing and moving Pac land another right hook after a 1-2 and again circles out to Hatton’s right forcing him to turn and reset. Hatton tries to throw a wild overhand left and is met with a much shorter, tighter right hook as he tries to close the gap. Just beautiful.

Gaining steam

Hatton was badly rocked by the hook and is still wobbly here, backing up into the ropes. Taking another right hook to open up a 4 punch combo, sending Hatton reeling before landing another 3. He skips off to the side before landing a thudding left straight before putting him down a with an uppercut- left hand combo.

The KO

Pac still moving toward his opponents right hand finally lets loose his best punch. Notice how he just sticks the jab in front of Hatton’s face before throwing that mean hook. This makes the opponent watch the right hand and blinds him as Pac winds up for the big shot. Beautiful stuff.

Thanks for reading all of this if you made it this far! I’m just really passionate about the sport and helping people understand just how damn good some people are and appreciate the level of thought that goes into a fight. Stay safe you crazy kids.



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